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About Us

We're glad you have come to visit our page and to see our wonderful four legged family members, and yes they are not our dogs, pets, or property they are family!

Bojangles and Raven became part of our family in 2022 and in that time they have shown so much love and affection for our entire family, from 80+ yrs. old parents to our 2 grandsons. The oldest at age 5 being their playmate and youngest born this year being someone they watch and protect over. Rough Collies are very intelligent breed with herding instinct. Collies are very loyal and faithful dogs that with love and respect will be a companion for life. They are highly intelligent animals that love to play and need to be challenged in fun activities. Being of rough coats, they do require attention and detail to grooming, have a tendency for the fur to matt if not groomed. Bo and Raven both love their time of grooming and one on one interaction.

Please see our contact information below if you are interested in being on our list of potential new Collie owners!

-Stacey Hoskins- 

-Jim Hoskins- 





Coming Soon!

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras

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